The Footscray Maker Lab is a shared facility providing open space and offices for small-scale workshops and projects.

We are located at 210 Whitehall Street in Footscray, in a light industrial area known for it’s creative industries and community arts facilities. The facility is suitable for a variety of industrial or studio activities, with approximately 1000 sq metres of indoor factory space and about 400 sq metres of outdoor undercover space. It is located within a Zone 1 industrial area and is open to members 24 hours 7 days a week.

Our members use the space to establish workshops or build small movable structures.  We are into metal work, robotics, furniture making, glasswork, 3D printing, lighting design, pottery, and much more.

Typical space prices from:

  • Indoor (4x8m) $275
  • Outdoor/undercover $165
  • Hardstand: $110

Further information about the facilities, current space availability, and pricing can be found on the Creative Spaces website. If you would like to arrange a visit, or if you would like more information, send an email to the Board.

The space is managed by Footscray Maker Cooperative – a volunteer-run organisation that allows us, the members, to help each other do what we are passionate about doing, making and hacking.

Our makers are artists, engineers, builders, wood workers and welders and others are organisers running programs to help the community. We create products and inventions, artworks and experiences.

As a member of the Cooperative, you can have access to the Maker Lab, have exclusive use of your own work space, or host your own community User Group (each member can have up to 5 guests).

Our mission is to always work together finding opportunities, sharing knowledge, and controlling costs. We want to give back to our community, and we want our coop to be a well-connected node in the Maker network, here in Melbourne and globally.

We believe in being resourceful, practical, respectful, and democratic in our decision-making.

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