Monthly member

Pay per month FM_Lab members get access to the FM_Lab’s common areas: the workshop, conference and communal areas. Use these areas freely to make things, do your work and collaborate with others.

Pay per use

Only want to use the Lab every now and again? Use rates are: BYO hand tools Regular $15, $130/10 Conc: $12, $100/10 Hand tools provided Regular $20, $180/10  Conc: $15, $120/10

Maker Days

We are running community maker days where we’ll build various things. You can join the community maker days, we’ll get you started in the making process.

Initiate a Project

If you have an idea for something you want to design and make, FM_Lab can help you make it happen. You can use FM_Lab as the space where you or your project team can meet, design and build. FM_lab will promote your project through its network and help build a community around it.


You are welcome to come to one of our events. But do you also have an idea for a maker-related event that you want to run? Workshop – Presentation – Film – Networking

Run it through FM_Lab. We’ll help promote the event through our community and provide support in organising it.


Would you like to help us run the FM_Lab? FM_Lab needs lots of love and there are plenty of roles and jobs to do. You can help make the Lab work or you can support one of the Lab maker projects. We’ll run events so you can share meals and meet other volunteers and lab members.

Interested? Contact us at