The Footscray Maker Co-operative was created to empowering a community of makers to make the things that inspire and that matter. We invite you to join us in this bold adventure in creativity.


FMC arose from a desire to establish an enterprise that would bring people together to pioneering new products, services, designs, processes, artistic visions, social change, transformative and commons oriented creative initiatives.


The four key areas of work the FMC engages in are:

  1. Supporting member enterprises
  2. Managing a physical location members can use (the lab)
  3. Providing educational and co-learning opportunities (events)
  4. Providing a platform for members to collaborate on both un-paid and paid projects


FMC is a member owned and run enterprise. You can join the co-op and begin collaborating now.

Membership costs include a one off $50 share purchase (for 5 shares) and a membership fee of $150 per year.

To become a member, read through the FMC Disclosure Statement, and then fill out anĀ Application for Membership form. Contact us at so we can discuss your application and give you an orientation.


The basic rights of an member are to:

  • have a vote and be part of FMC decision making according to the rules
  • buy and earn FMC shares and exchange shares with other FMC members
  • propose and run FMC workshops and educational courses / classes
  • discuss opportunities for collaboration and project ideas between FMC and 3rd parties (councils, government, other businesses, community groups, university)
  • tender for projects with the approval of the board and run projects on a for-profit basis (a percentage of project money will go toward admin)
  • fair use of the co-operative commons resources


A member should:

  • pay the regular subscription as specified in rule 6.2; and
  • maintain the minimum shareholding as specified in rule 16; and
  • contribute at least 8 hours of labour per financial year to the operation of the co-operative, or a contribution with some equivalence as decided by the board; and
  • abide by the co-operative membership expectations and any other policy that supports the running of the co-operative in general; and
  • be in good standing with the community
  • establish and maintain active membership of the co-operative
  • add to the co-operative commons pool of material and immaterial resources