Space use options

The co-operative has a number of options available for artists, makers and other types looking for space. There are four grades of spaces: Office, Workshop, Covered and Hardstand. Each are priced at a per meter rate but standardized in such a way to maximize available space for all members.

Summary of space options and costs

  • Standard Office (24m2) = $330 / month
  • Standard Workshop (30m2) = $250 / month
  • Standard Covered (30m2) = $165 / month
  • Standard Hardstand (30m2) = $110 /month
  • Co-op Membership = $15 / month or $150 / annually

Sharing a space

Spaces can be shared amongst more than one person but for each person using the space they must become a Co-Op member for the same reasons stated above.

Co-op Membership

All space user are required to become co-op members.

For payment of co-op membership there are two costs:

  • a one-off cost of $50 (to buy 5 shares in the co-op)
  • and a yearly cost of $150 (paid annually)

Those wishing to be co-op members but not hold space are entitled to do so. Co-op members have occasional access to commons areas and access to co-op owned equipment under a “fair use” policy, to hold meetings or do desk work. Fair use is 1-2 days per month, but this is also subject to change depending on circumstances and demand.

If you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to ask. If you wish to come by and have a look just get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to show you around.

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