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Agenda and Minutes of Street Library Project Meetup, 25th June 2013


This document will be edited by attendees before, during and after the event. The goal is to have something to refer back to, to be clear with each other on what we’ve agreed on, and to catch up interested parties that weren’t there.

Quick note from Dean about getting shit done: Everyone will have different ideas about where this project could possibly end up. If we’re not careful, we’ll get stuck talking endlessly about the future. We need to focus on what we can do right now, and let whatever happens later, happen.


Introduce ourselves to each other, briefly go over crazy dreams for the project
Talk about the possibility of integrating a LibraryBox, and take a quick look at the hardware – TP-Link TL-MR3020
Talk about the possible integration of a Conversation Hub – A evidenced by Soul Pancake / Take a seat = Make a Friend
Define Key Roles of each member
Work out viable steps to achieve a tangible outcome in time for Eurisko Melbourne.
Talk about what we’re doing and the steps needed to make something happen in the short termstat
Talk about how to collect resources to include: both physical and digital
Cover potential problems
Set some goals and dates, assign ourselves some homework
Set the next time to meet

Important Decisions:
We’re keener on a decentralised digital version in the short term. We’ll aim for physical later – though we’ll explore the options. No point ruling anything out. We should keep in mind incorporating a community-building aspect – eg by embedding a library box into a physical little library; promoting local bands, artists, events, activities
Start collating digital resources to put on it – whatever is easiest to begin with. Look at different file types (eg text as well as images, video, music/audio). Possible target audiences: African community (translated ebooks/docs); tourists; people waiting around (eg train stations, buses, hospital visiting or emergency rooms, parents at swimming pools or athletics tracks); anticipated crowds (eg in advance of festivals/events, followers of webisode/chapter instalments; treasure hunts).
Matt and dean to start a feasibility trial – install the software on matts tp-link router; look at storage capacity, file types, access range, battery/solar power life; look and feel of directory
Need to consider marketing – how to make the box inviting or its purpose obvious, and to encourage users to access the data – historical case study: ipod v mp3 player
Consider finding partners that can curate/steward file management for each library box. Aim to launch boxes rather than manage on an ongoing basis. Possible parters: libraries, local councils, artist studios/venues, youth centres, cafes, public transport, ethnic/culturally diverse community orgs
Look at resourcing project through, eg, community grants. Costs might include equipment (the box), translation services
Need to consider planning requirements for installations, as well as opportunities for ‘pop up’ (temporary) library boxes

Michelle pointed out this pinterest board with a lot of examples on it:
Lots of new people
New York lets you sample e-books on the subway, Linda says Maribyrnong Library is keen on a digital version that helps them market or deliver books.
LibraryBox is download only, Piratebox is everything
Physical books have a nice community, give/take feel as a positive, working towards doing that digitally would be
Matt to post a link about the USB’s stick in walls to the yammer group
Solar powering one of the LIbraryBox units would be neat
Dean mentioned hooking it up to a alternate internet wireless system… one day…
Need method for collecting digital and physical Free ebooks are often classics
Digital Only first steps

put one librarybox together

figure out where to put it

figure out what to put on it

We’re offering content where you can’t normally get it, that is best aimed at a stationary audience
Might go well in the truck cafe’s at West Footscray and Footscray station. Olympic Doughnuts might be another good spot
Need to identify needs – perhaps best done
Instructions in a few languages is ideal
Tony mentioned these could be used for better interpretive signage in areas of historical or ecological significance
MONA in tassie has a lot of info that you access on an ipody touch looking deal
Groups doing tours around footscray might gain advantage from something like this
Could also be a bit of a ‘Welcome to Footscray’ type deal
Elephant in the room is advertising – will businesses that host them
Community grants might be good for funding
Michelle thinks each box needs a steward
There is going to be contention between open and closed
Matt reminds us the librarybox can only be updated by taking out the USB so needs to be accessible
Librarybox can only take input, so would be nice to have a suggestion box type function internally, or on the website
Could do version aimed to help Ethiopian community
Multilingual content would be amazing and help us get grants
Lots of different groups might be able to get value from this – cafes, community groups, ethnic groups
Need to get up a page on the site for this
Looks like we’re going to do one
What sort of analytics we can get from the system
Need to look at range, security, housing, weatherproofing, methods of powering it, how fast download speeds are with how many connections
letting people know it’s there and how to get into it is VERY important
We won’t know what we can do until we build it – we will likely run into problems with ‘prettyness’ – needs to be usable,
This would allow downloads without hitting peoples data – so big files are in some ways best
Bands looking to promote their music might like to contribute their content
Webisodes updated could be cool
Community interaction would be neat
Be careful overselling what the technical people in the project can support
Anywhere parents sit would be a good target site – little athletcs, lesiure centre
LibraryBox is a good name, but maybe not the best for talking about what we’re doing
Gotta have a good worm
After prototype, we could give them to ethnic community community groups to set up instances in their own language
A physical library pop up type deal could be wheeled around to each spot at different times
Will we need to get planning permission for just a digital box?
Mcihelle to ask somerville rd LFL people to ask about their problems
Mary to ask about the next round of grants, and keen to help with future marketing and promotion
Geoff made a really good point – limited number of resources that update every week or so. Keeps
Treasure hunt type thing could be cool – or a book where you can only get a chapter in each location
Happy River Cafe at the Footscray Community Arts Centre or Konjo’s could be a good spot for the prototype
We’ll need graphics to explain it – physical and digital
Getting feedback at this stage is very important, so an easy system to get it
Linda offered the courtyard at the library might work, at least for early promotion
Continue thinking about whether we can do a physical version
Hospital waiting rooms, doctors offices, and retirement homes would be potential targets